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Agriculture is the most important activity African countries must necessarily invest in, to reduce food dependence on the international market, ensure food security and guarantee the creation of increasing wealth by making agriculture the driving force of the economy of the continent.

It is also important to engage the service of a prolific investment management team like Oxford Green Farms, a subsidiary of Oxford Group Nigeria. the nation's fastest progressive business empire with over 56 operational subsidiaries.

At Oxford Green Farms, we work with renowned consultants and professionals to engage in a very large-scale commercial farming. With the employment of precision agronomy and best practices, you are guaranteed a consistent high yield. We cultivate high-profit local produce and enjoy consistently high sales profits by selling to established organized markets in Nigeria

Top Selling Product - Pepper Farming

One of the most important spices used in making Nigeria food is Pepper. You can hardly find a complete Nigerian meal without the use of at-least one variety of pepper. Hence, Pepper production is an important crop production in Nigeria. With rising domestic demand, coupled with a drop in exports, Pepper continues to set the trend for its marketing and production. The main suppliers of the commodity to the global market are Vietnam, India, Indonesia and Brazil; while the major destinations for its export are the US, Europe, Japan and Australia. In Nigeria, the price of pepper has been subjected to seasonal fluctuation recently. There is a massive demand for pepper in the Southern-Western Nigeria from the Northern Nigeria despite that there is also possibility to grow this crop in the South West. This is an indication that demands for pepper is great and urgent in Nigeria, especially in the Southern Western Nigeria. Due to the drastic increase in domestic demand for pepper, there has been a decline in the quantity exported several producing countries. It is worthy of note that despite the production level of pepper in Nigeria, pepper is still being imported. This signifies that there is a need for an increase in the supply of pepper to make up for the increase in the domestic demand and to also give room for exportation.


Top Selling Product - Ginger Farming

Nigeria is one of the major producers of ginger in the world. Ginger is a well known crop in the Nigerian market with very high demand despite that it’s quite expensive. Ginger is a very popular commodity across the globe owing to its usefulness. It can be used in various industries like the food industry, brewery industry, pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry, cosmetics industry to mention a few. With the current strives by the government to implement various measures that boost the agricultural sector, experts says this has provided entrepreneurs and investors with a platform to key into the economic diversification policy of the government. Nigerian ginger is highly regarded in the international market for its quality and highly medicinal value. Specifically, its aroma, pungency and high oil and Aleoresin content are other distinct features of ginger products from Nigeria. In the Nigerian market, ginger is not only popular; it is a very high demand crop commodity. Exporting Ginger from Nigeria is very lucrative and easy to do. Nigeria is the largest exporter of dried split ginger. Nigeria has the 2nd largest production share of about 16% after India with a production share of 33.9%.


Top Selling Product - Turmeric

Nigeria is the fourth largest producer of turmeric with about 3% of the global annual production. Lack of awareness on the potentials and uses of turmeric is among reasons why most people do not go into its production. Turmeric production is left in the hands of a few farmers in Nigeria, most of who use crude implements in their farm operations.
Oxford Green Farms shall be deploying its years of experience in open field farming and its revolutionary “Precision Farming” technologies, utilizing specialized agro prepared UAV’s (drones) to guarantee the success of this project

Our drones enable us:

  • Carryout soil tests and land mapping
  • Determine input requirements
  • Effective and economical farm spraying operations
  • Carryout crop health analysis and yield projection
  • Identify specific areas of the farm needing attention etc

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